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El Zacapa esta muy bueno, pero no es para tanto

Sábado, 30 de Mayo de 2009

En verano lo vi por treinta y pico…
101 Mobile Mail

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Packard Jennings – Instrucciones de emergencia para la oficina

Viernes, 29 de Mayo de 2009
Packard Jennings – Как разнообразить рабочий день…
May 29th, 0:46

…когда все очень надоело.

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PHOT Rebajas de las buenas

Viernes, 29 de Mayo de 2009

I shot the serif

Jueves, 28 de Mayo de 2009 ¿Conoces alguno?

Miércoles, 27 de Mayo de 2009

egoblogger |ˌēgōˈbläg gər|


Persona que publica periódicamente en el web, utilizando su blog y otros medios para autorreferenciarse, hablar de sí mismo y magnificar la realidad a su alrededor. En el caso de que esta realidad sea notoria, entonces le resta importancia, como si fuera algo cotidiano.

Ref: Tú también puedes ser un egoblogger Carrillo, S. Nov 2006.

¿Conoces alguno? Envía las pruebas a

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VIDEO Cómo p*tear a un camaleón

Viernes, 22 de Mayo de 2009
Download now or watch on posterous

Camaleon.wmv (2791 KB)

Mírale qué despacio se mueve. Se debe creer que no le ve nadie…

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Ego: La aplicación de iPhone definitiva para el egoblogger

Viernes, 22 de Mayo de 2009

Lo que más mola es el claim: You’re important.

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Antes de reenviar un mail, pasa este test

Jueves, 21 de Mayo de 2009

Los 10 hombres más famosos con un solo huevo… (Vaya lista)

Miércoles, 20 de Mayo de 2009

10 Famous Men With Only One Ball

May 19th 2009
By Jeremy Taylor

In the biological sense, one testicle works just as well as two. Nevertheless, having a single, lonely nut can be a source of great embarrassment for a guy. But it turns out there may be an upside to monorchism. An Asylum analysis of famous people rumored to have only one testicle has exposed that a half-sack may increase your chances of becoming a professional athlete or a military despot.

Case in point: According to a new book, Spanish dictator General Francisco Franco was a member of the mono-nad club. Check out our list of nine other One-Eyed Willies and decide for yourself.

9. Napoleon Bonaparte Did you know Napoleon wasn’t really short? In fact, he was about average-size for a Frenchman of his era. So it’s possible the “complex” comes from him being one testicle short of a pair.

8. Adolf Hitler
At this point, you’re probably wondering if Stalin and Mussolini were also monorchids. From what we know, they weren’t.

7. John Kruk When the baseball-player-turned-analyst enters a room, there will be an odd number of testicles in that room.

Read the rest of the list after the jump.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger Could explain the obsession with weightlifting.

5. Lance Armstrong Does Lance Armstrong’s uni-nut hang left or right? Only his bicycle seat knows.

4. Mike Lowell We’re basing this solely on the fact the Red Sox’s third basement had surgery for testicular cancer. But even if he only has one ball, his scrotum is still going to be in better overall shape than former teammate Manny Ramirez’s.

3. Frank Church The Idaho senator revealed his monorchism during his run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1976. Ultimately he lost to a two-testicled Jimmy Carter.

2. Tom Green The gonzo comedian “went there” and documented his testicle removal in a television special.

1. Hansie Cronje You may not have heard of him, but Cronje was a big-time international cricketer in the ’90s who was kicked out of the game for match-fixing and ultimately died in a shady plane crash. The right-handed batsman accomplished this all with only one nad.

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Estoy enganchado a FlightControl

Jueves, 14 de Mayo de 2009

No puedo dejar de jugar. La nueva versión la han bajado de precio (0,72 €). Soy malísimo, pero te gano. 

Los gráficos tienen mucho estilo y el juego es muy adictivo, aunque un poco lento al principio. Creo que la mejor descarga al Iphone de este año. (Gracias, Macnuel)
Site del juego:
Enlace de itunes para descarga:

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